CNC Services

We use a CNC (computer numerically controlled) router to help with work load and enhance our cabinetry products.  We offer custom carved:

  • Cabinet doors
  • Molding
  • Wainscoting
  • Valances

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Custom Molding

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Custom Cabinet Door

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Custom Valances

  • Signs and plaques
  • Mantle pieces
  • Clocks
  • Hand Mirrors
  • Religious Center Pieces
  • Decorative Wall Hangings
  • And More!!

Custom Street Sign, Custom House Number

Signs and Plaques

Mantles, Custom Mantles, Custom Mantle Pieces, CNC carved mantle pieces, CNC carved mantles

Custom Mantle Piece

Handmade Clocks, CNC Carved Clocks, Texas Quarter Clock


CNC carved hand mirror, wood hand mirror, custom hand mirror

Hand Mirror

Religious items, religious center piece, last supper carving, last supper centerpiece, last supper wood, religious wood carving

Last Supper Center Piece

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Decorative Wall Hangings

The CNC will also allow us to create custom gift and home decor items for you:

We have a large catalog of 2D and 3D Clipart to choose from.  We can also use your own custom artwork if you’d like.

We even partner with a laser engraving service, for smaller custom items.