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For Cabinets:

Start by making a sketch of the room and number the walls. Add the overall measurements for each wall from corner to corner. Include doors and windows with trim. If there is a door on each end of the wall measure from door trim to door trim.  You only need to include electrical outlets if you are wanting something special that might cover up an outlet. You may need  an electrician move the outlet or outlets. Note if the plumbing is in the floor or wall.

Now sketch in the cabinets and be sure to include where the appliances and sink will be located. Also note where you want a pantry if you want one and how wide you want it. Indicate if you want lazy susan base corner and its location. There is no need to add measurements for the cabinets, unless you want a special size of cabinet. You will need to provide the measurements of the appliances and sink.

You will also need to provide an elevation drawing for each wall that has cabinets. Include window and door measurements. Also include the height of the walls. If you are wanting a special cabinet or feature, be sure to include a sketch on the elevation page and make a note to the side.

For Doors:

Start by measuring the opening at the top and bottom. If the measurements are the same that is great, but if not you need to use the biggest one.  Always put the width down first. For example if the opening is 12" wide X 27"tall you would write down 12 X 27. Measure all door and drawer openings, writing down the measurements as you go. Now you will need to add 1/2" to all 4 sides. This will give you a 1/2" overhang on each side of the opening. Your measurement will now be 13 X 28. We will build your doors and drawer fronts, with solid wood or use MDF for painted doors. We will drill for hinges and furnish hinges.