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We provide a variety of handmade and CNC carved gift items.  All pens are handmade and make an excellent gift.  Pen boxes are laser engraved.  Wall plaques, signs, and hand mirrors are carved with a CNC router.  Although we carry many stock items, we can also customize your order using your own artwork or specifications. 

You can order any of the items shown below in our gift shop.  However, if you would like to customize your order for a wall plaque, sign, hand mirror, pen or pen box, please email us for a quote.

Please click on the Thumbnails for a higher quality photo.
"Welcome" wall plaque.
Custom Wall Plaque.
Custom laser engraved pens and boxes.  Any species pen can be engraved (although the dark oak may not take engraving as well).  Boxes made of maple.  Must be ordered separately.
Spalted Pecan.  These pens generally have a very bold grain.  They are made from pecan trees downed during hurricane Rita.
"Quaking" Aspen.  These pens are very light and made from wood harvested in Wyoming.
Oak (but doesn't look like it).  These pens are dark for oak and have very bold grain.  They are made from an oak tree that finally gave up and died after 150 years.  The tree belonged to our grandfather and it was said that it was poisoned many times.  It never succumbed to the poison, but we think that's what gives it a unique look.  Shown here with gold and brushed aluminum clips.
Texas Mesquite.  These pens are made from trees downed during hurricane Rita.  They can be yellowish to reddish.
Custom wall plaque.
Texas clock.  Incorporates limited edition Texas quarter. These are not made by our shop. We just cut the shape and the holes for the quarters. We will take orders for them if you like and pass on the order.
African Mahogany.
Custom 3D wall plaque.
Left to right: Boxelder, Buckeye, and "Randywood."  "Randywood" made from unknown species donated by a guy named Randy.  All are very beautiful.
Walnut Hand Mirror.  Also available with an Iris design.
Laser engraved pen boxes (shown with pens for context) made from maple. Boxes and pens must be ordered separately.  Visit our gift shop to order.