About Cedar Creek Cabinet Company

We started building cabinets in 1996 in a 3 car garage. We became known in our community for our committment to quality, and soon outgrew our garage.  We moved to a much larger facility and our success continued.

But, in 2002 we moved the complete operation from Wyoming to Southeast Texas, where we are today. We made this move after deciding that after 25 years in Wyoming, it was time to return to our Texas roots.

Here at Cedar Creek Cabinet Company, we know that finding the right contractor can be a challenge.  We hope that the information published here will give you the confidence, that we are the right contractor for your special job.

After taking measurements, we use CAD to make drawings of your job.  We can then provide you a 3D rendering of that drawing so that you will be able to see your vision on paper before your project even begins. We will work with you so that you will get just what you are looking for.

We look forward to working with you!

Call today for an estimate! (409)489-1557.